While Korean food has similarities to Japanese and Chinese food, it has its own distinct flavor palate.  Garlic, soy sauce, soy bean paste, green onions, sesame oil, red pepper powder, fresh vegetables, and other Korean spices are commonly found in many dishes.  

How spicy is Korean food?  

Don't let the intense red color worry you.  Although vibrant, the red pepper sauce is tempered by the sweet, tangy, richness created by fermentation while still maintaining a little kick.  The heat level is totally in your control.  OMONI has options ranging from spicy to non-spicy and you can customize to the level you prefer.  It's in your hands!

Why don't you offer more of the traditional dishes?

OMONI is a FAST-CASUAL style restaurant and offers food that is not only flavorful and fresh, but also convenient and served relatively quickly compared to other full-service, full-menu Korean restaurants.  While we do offer a few items cooked to order, the majority of our items are prepared to meet the needs of people on the go.   We offer freshly prepared authentic and fusion Korean foods using premium, fresh ingredients for the best flavors.

   Frequently asked questions                              

Is Korean food like Japanese or chinese food?

Our vegetables are prepared fresh daily and are either served fresh with seasonings, are lightly blanched and seasoned, or are pickled.  Most are served crisp and chilled in the traditional style.  Similar to the American hamburger with room temperature buns, a hot hamburger patty, and chilled vegetable toppings, our Bibimbap dish is served with hot steaming rice and warm grilled meat and topped with five fresh, chilled vegetables, as it has been served for generations.  This takes the  temperature down to a refreshing level for most people.  However, if you prefer a warmer temperature for your bibimbap dish, choose the Dolsot Bibimbap option or select a plate option that places the vegetables on the side.  

Is my food supposed to be cold?

Do you have vegetarian options?

OMONI offers tofu as a substitution for any meat entree.  We also have egg, shitake mushrooms, and many vegetables to create a dish to your liking.  Let us know your preferences when you order and we'll be happy to accomodate your requests.  Please keep in mind that custom made dishes are cooked to order and may require a wait.

Many of our prepared foods contain soy sauce which includes wheat.  Unlike vegetarian options that can be custom made relatively quickly, we cannot always accomodate gluten-free requests.  Our grilled meats are prepared and marinated overnight to ensure they are full of flavor.  Unless we have non-prepped supplies on hand, we are unable to offer gluten-free meat requests.

Do you have Gluten-free options?